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Sponsor: Elmwood Business Association

Artist: Corey Pane

Non-profit: Faxon Library


The Faxon branch of The West Hartford Public Library brings people, information and ideas together to strengthen and enrich the cultural, social and economic vitality of our diverse community. The Faxon Library is nothing short of empowering – providing each and every West Hartford resident with the tools they need to reach their potential, pursue life-long learning, and freely access a broad range of ideas and information. The Faxon Library is located at 1073 New Britain Avenue, Elmwood.

For more information visit: www.westhartfordlibrary.org



Elmwood Business Association

The Elmwood Business Association is a not-for-profit organization comprised of business owners and representatives from the Elmwood section of West Hartford. At monthly meetings, members discuss community activities and issues, including those related to law enforcement, government, and business enterprises. Town and state government officials are frequently in attendance. Special thanks to Jerry’s Artarama of Connecticut, Dr. Rick Liftig and Webster Bank for their support.

For more information follow them on Facebook @elmwoodct


Corey Pane

Corey Pane uses a wide variety of mediums and materials in focusing on the process and experience of creating impressive works of art. Corey holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from Hartford Art School. His work has been exhibited in galleries and public community spaces and he has also created artwork for musicians, bands and music related enterprises and events, as well as professional athletes and other sports related ventures, such as painting the cleats of many athletes.

For a look at his unique artistry, visit coreypane.com.


Not all websites are created equal.

Most paint a pretty picture of your brand — but the best carry the inventive touch of a gifted web designer. A designer who understands that a website should not just be informational, it should be transformational. A web designer who knows that a well-designed and maintained website gives your company a distinctive digital presence that attracts a company’s target audience and connects with potential customers.

A web designer like Michael Roy.

With more than a decade of experience in providing web design services to Connecticut businesses, Michael's bag of digital tricks includes a cornucopia of web services, such as complete web design, development, hosting and SEO.

We’re happy to have him on our team…and on yours, too.

Email Michael


As our resident storyteller, Judie fearlessly wields a Mac keyboard to create masterful original content that communicates a brand’s unique vision and voice across all media — i.e., traditional and digital social channels, websites, printed pieces, elevator pitches and the like.

Okay, maybe not elevator pitches.

With enough marketing and public relations experience to fill 20 seasons of Law and Order reruns, Judie draws upon her 35-year background as a speechwriter, copywriter, and magazine, newsletter, website and fiction writer to create impactful communication strategies that help companies weave a rich and compelling message that articulates their brand and captures their target market’s imagination.

To succeed as a writer, one must write, says Judie. And write she does. That is, when she isn’t rifling through the desks of co-workers for a hit of anything chocolate.

Email Judie


Imaginative. Intuitive. Artistic. When it comes to Elisa, that says it all.

Well, maybe not all.

A branding specialist with extensive creative strategy and design expertise, Elisa continually creates innovative digital and traditional materials that reinforce a client’s message and resonate with its target audience.

Working with clients from a wide range of product and service industries, she taps into boundless reserves of creative ingenuity and versatility to zero in on design strategies that allow clients to identify the most meaningful expressions of who they are.

What’s more, Elisa’s keen interpersonal skills make her especially adept at working collaboratively with both team members and clients, to design, develop and implement marketing concepts, while gracefully negotiating the many twists and turns of the creative process.

Email Elisa


Integrated digital marketing is not just a passing fad. It’s not a flash in the pan; a one- day wonder; a quick here-today-gone-tomorrow trend.

Integrated marketing – that is, the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive online approach to meeting a company’s goals and objectives -- is here to stay.

Just ask Hillary.

Because, when it comes to the ever-changing digital landscape, Hillary gets it. In her role as 2020 Media digital strategist, and given her extensive experience in the digital field, Hillary deftly develops and executes integrated digital and email marketing initiatives that meet (and often exceed) a client’s goals -- including digital campaign strategy, the social media marketing, email marketing, and analytics and reporting.

That’s the key to Hillary’s success…as is her ability to work side-by-side with other team members and clientele to come up with multi-pronged traditional and digital marketing strategies that win big.

Email Hillary


For Donna Edelstein, marketing and sales are all about people and relationships — which accounts for her extraordinary success, because people and making strategic connections between them are her passion.

Donna has nurtured that passion at Ledger Publications, where she began work as a sales account executive in 2001. Over the years, she expanded her professional world to focus on new business development, planning strategic marketing campaigns and partnership initiatives that maximize her clients’ ability to meet their goals. Given her years of experience at brand-building and strategic marketing, Donna understands the 21st-century challenges facing business owners — and how a clear messaging strategy and an integrated media plan can help meet those challenges and accelerate business results.

At 2020 Media, Donna is tasked with strategic business development, responsible for creating marketing programs, brand management, and strategic corporate sponsorships that expand a company’s reach. Of enormous help are the strong business relationships with both customers and colleagues that she has developed throughout the years, and that have played a significant part in her clients’ successes.

Email Donna


Tom has never met an idea he couldn’t bring to life. Whether it’s a newborn company looking for a launchpad, or a revamped enterprise seeking a creative way to reintroduce itself, or a community non-profit out to fundraise for a good cause, or any old operation interested in upping its exposure and expanding its market…there’s an idea for that. And Tom’s got it.

A Connecticut native, Tom’s success stems from three decades of experience in publishing and marketing with businesses and non-profits both large and small. His marketing clients have included CapCities/ABC, Foxwoods Resort Casino, UBS/Realty to name but a few. He is also the brains behind a host of popular local events including pop ups, comedy nights, Taste of food festivals, Best of award dinners, and the list goes on.

Tom brings to 2020 Media his infectious enthusiasm for every marketing project he touches, his passion for customer satisfaction, and his commitment to excellence. His boundless energy and can-do attitude ensure that clients exceed their business goals time and again.

Email Tom


Our Chief Happiness Officer directs visitors, answer phones, sorts incoming mail, prepares outgoing mail, stocks office supplies, photocopies and faxes, listens to complaints, bakes sinful treats…and you don’t have to wait till he takes a day off to take a handful of hard candies out of the front desk candy jar. As we like to say here at 2020 Media: Keep calm and let Howard handle it.


To some, the work of a copyeditor may seem tedious ––reading, reading and more reading; correcting the minutiae of commas, periods and quotation marks. But not to Tim. A vigilant proofreader, Tim dissects the details of every page, not only dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but also examining grammar, putting punctuation in its place, double checking numbers and dates. You get the picture.


We’re pretty sure Joy has honest-to-goodness superpowers. Her astounding attention to detail, her graphic design skills, her mind-blowing ability to thrive in an ever-changing environment, her endless capacity to manage a multitude of moving parts all at once…all to ensure that our clients’ special projects run efficiently and effectively. Like we said…superpowers.


A musician/drummer since age 9 and an artist at heart, artistry and creativity are in Chris’s genes. As the resident Graphic Designer and Layout Artist, Chris has an uncanny ability to create clean, eye-catching and inspiring designs. Laid back and easy going, he is a master at collaborating with the 2020 Media team to bring creative solutions to life, while injecting spontaneous humor along the way.


A thoughtful, curious writer with a penchant for meeting deadlines, Stacey doesn’t just write, she creates moments that engage readers from across digital platforms, with copy that's smart and informative. She gives potential customers a sense of our client’s business with up-to-date information on events, developments, trends, and the like.


From her private lair in a corner of the grand old mansion that is 2020 Media’s home, Judy plays with numbers and works her accounting magic. What exactly does she do, you ask? All the stuff that keeps us on strong financial footing, aligned with our clients’ interests, and ensures 2020 Media’s stability, viability -- and did we mention success? -- as a business.


At 2020 Media, all roads lead to Leslie.

A seasoned business executive, Leslie taps into her 30-plus years of experience in management, sales, marketing and event planning, to devise creative solutions and innovative strategies that meet clients’ needs and help them to achieve their goals and objectives — whether that means strengthening and refocusing an existing brand, or launching a new one. And, she makes it all happen on time and within budget.

A natural-born leader who manages the minutiae of growing a small business, Leslie maximizes productivity through a dynamic, proactive management style that sets the pace for our team and the vision for our company. She has established a company-wide standard of excellence that inspires the 2020 Media team and keeps us on track. Whether it’s company strategy, client contracts, employee morale, recruiting and hiring, Leslie does it with style.

In addition to her role as CEO of 2020 Media, since 1997 Leslie has served as Associate Publisher of Ledger Publications — one of 2020 Media’s two parent companies — where she currently oversees a growing staff responsible for the publication of 71 digital and print products annually.

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